LAX to Inglewood

Because I had already arrived in USA in Hawaii, I did not have to go through customs at LAX. It was plain sailing. I walked out the front door and ordered and Uber to take me to my hostel.

I had found my hostel on What drew me to it was a 1 star rating stating “People were smoking weed and listening to Hip Hop at the swimming pool”. With that said and it being a $20 dorm in Inglewood, super close to the airport, I was in. I had only heard of Inglewood in Tu Pac’s song, California Love. Although Inglewood is not a tourist destination, I felt I knew what to expect.

Check-in was fairly smooth and I was told to follow the hostel manager to my dorm. What I did not expect was the hostel manager to be carrying a massive tazer. She must have pushy clients.

As we walked passed the pool, the smell of weed and the sound of laughter did not disappoint. I headed to my room to drop off my bags and return to the pool to join in the fun.

Just outside the 22 man dorm I was staying in, I was giving a hell of a fright by two massive Raccoons, which were on the ground, and then started to climb two pairing trees simultaneously. I had just been watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so I was really freak out by them. I’d never seen raccoons in the wild before, and after 20 hours of travelling I was kind of waiting for them to shoot me with a laser or something.

The dorm  itself was pretty manky. Full of smelly snoring men. So I knew that if I was going to get any sleep I would have to give a few beers and J’s and nudge. I dropped of my bag and headed to the pool.

There was a kind looking chap in the middle of rolling a massive joint. I asked in my thickest New Zealand accent if I could sit next to him. He said sure thing and asked me where I was from. When I said New Zealand, the entire table behind him turned their heads and seemed to say “New Zealand” simultaneously, in a very excited tone.

It turned out that all of these lads where from Nova Scotia and actually lived in the trailer park where trailer park boys was filmed. I think I can recall them saying seasons 8, 9 and 10 or something like that. These lads just loved to drink and smoke and made great company.

The weed they were smoking was super strong medical grade. I had two tokes and felt my heart beating out of my chest and was freaking out a little bit. But the Nova Scotian’s feed me a bunch of beer and some whisky that cooled me down a little bit.

At about 1am we started a game of pool. Soon after the game started and local bloke from Inglewood snuck into the hostel and asked if he could play. His name was George, he was about 6’5, 60 years of age, well dressed and African American. A fantastic character that really knew had to play pool. He walked around the table, blasting balls in, calling the ball and the pocket in the brief time that he lined up his shot. “5 ball, corner pocket”….Bang, “2 ball, left pocket” Boom, and so on.

I asked George where he lived and he told me he was homeless. So I asked him why he was so well dress, and he had told me that he had just been at the casino. George normally stays at the hostel but it was all booked out that night. I told him that there appeared to be a spare bed in the dorm. George screwed up his face and said “A dorm, you sleeping in the motherfucking dorm? Fuck that, I’m sleeping in my car.” This made me crack up, the fact that my accommodating was not good enough for a homeless man. On that note, I went to bed at about 1am. I had to get up early to hang with my best mate Mark, who had flown over from New Zealand to watch the GGG vs Conelo fight in Vegas.


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